Monday, August 15, 2011

Peach Margarita Popsicles

So here I sit in my backyard listening to the kids next door playing in their pool.
I am thinking how kids are so funny. No matter how sketchy the weather may
be in the summer, it does not stop them from getting into a pool, lake or even
a freezing river

I remember those days. I couldn't wait for summer and everything that
came with the short season. Mostly because I grew up in a nasty little northern town.
But I will not drone on about that hardship.
Because in reality I was lucky. My family would leave said nasty town and spend
the whole summer on the beautiful West Coast.
How spoiled was I??

As soon as my feet hit the sandy beaches I was gone. Every chance to swim
in the ocean no matter how body numbing cold it was I took it.
The weather was almost always smoking hot which meant plenty of
frozen sticky sweet treats.

So as I sit here listening to the kids laughter, I am a little jealous that I am
not brave enough to venture into a cold pool or the ocean anymore.
But I can still justify eating a Popsicle.... even if I am huddled under a
fleecy blanket in mid August.

Now these Popsicles are definitely for adults only.
but you could give them to the kids.... if you want to keep them
really quiet.
Seriously, I am joking!
I wouldn't waste good  Margarita inspired Popsicles on children.
Obviously you don't know me and Tequila very well.
We are like this X ( imagine fingers crossed to make my point)

Now a nice thing about the summer is all the great fruit that is available.
Especially peaches.
They are a beautiful thing on their own but........
when they are mixed with Tequila and Cointreau they are beyond
your wildest fruit dreams.
What, you don't dream about fruit??
Okay, neither do I. That would be weird.

So be a big kid and go make some adult Popsicles and maybe if we eat
enough of them we will be brave enough to take a swim.

Happy Mid Summer

Peach Margarita Popsicles:      Makes about 2 cups

4 medium peaches peeled and pitted
Juice of one lemon
1/4 cup Cointreau
1/4 cup Tequila ( white or amber)
1/4 cup sugar or to taste

Coarsely chop peaches in a food processor. Transfer 1 cup of peaches to a medium bowl.
Add to remaining peaches in the food processor, lemon juice, sugar, Tequila and Cointreau.
Puree until smooth. Add pureed mixture to the chopped peaches and give a stir thoroughly.
Divide the mixture among freezer pop moulds or small paper cups.
Freeze until beginning to set. About one hour.
Insert sticks and freeze until completely firm. This may take another hour or more.

Enjoy, and eat Popsicles responsibly. :)


  1. When I come next time, you should have these available.... btw... when should my next visit be???

  2. As soon as possible please. And of course these
    can be available for such an important guest. :)